Finish Durability

At QS Powder Coaters our experienced team will recommend the best Coating System for your product to ensure you receive the maximum Design Life. There are three steps our team uses to specify the correct system.

Select the environment where your product will be used.

Choosing the right durability is a question of cost.  If the system does not last long enough, rectification could be expensive.

Select the correct Powder Coating or Wet Spray System

Please use the table below to select the environment relating to your product which will assist us in ensuring that the durability and design life requirements are met :

C5-IIndustrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres.Buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and with high pollution.
C5-MMarine Coastal. High salinity.Buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and with high pollution.
C4Industrial areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity.Chemical plants, swimming pools, coastal ship and boatyards.
C3Urban and industrial atmospheres with moderate sulphur dioxide pollution.Production rooms with high humidity and some air pollution.
C2Coastal areas with low salinity. Atmospheres with low level of pollution. Mostly rural areas.Unheated buildings where condensation may occur.
C1Heated buildings with clean atmospheres.

Our Sales Team will be able to assist with any requirements you may have now or in the future. Contact Venessa or Chrissie on 01453 834782 or email

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